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About Kid Dance Caravan...

Our company, Kid Dance Caravan, Inc, specializes in teaching young children song and dance.  We offer a program for boys and girls ages 2.5 through 6.


The focus of the program is solely for the benefit of children beginning at 2.5 years through kindergarten. The girls learn jazz, tap and ballet.  The boys learn just jazz and tap along with a little bit of Hip-Hop.  About 1/3 of our students are boys and they really enjoy the classes.  We keep the children interested by using a combination of some of the standard dance school dances along with some contemporary music that they are very familiar with.  Classes are ½ hour each week where they will be learning dance.  This is not just a “movement” program.


Families will have an opportunity to see the children’s progress during one of the semi-annual dance recitals*. There are no additional charges for the show.  We provide the costumes and there is no charge for attending the recital.  Students may bring as many guests as they like including Grandma and Grandpa, Sissy and Aunt Bea and Uncle Joe, all at no charge. 


Our goal is to develop a love for dance, inspire the students to perform in front of an audience and feel great about themselves.  This is a tremendous esteem booster especially for the really shy child.  And yes, our 2.5 year olds enjoy performing!

*Recitals are contingent upon COVID protocols. Recitals may be live, virtual or in class based on staging availability

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Kid Dance Caravan Inc

Kelsey Henderson-Omelianuk

(862) 267-0716

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